About Company

fabrika1969 - Başak Gıda is a company established in 1969 at Akşehir as a personal company. Rice Flour is the initial product which is awarded with ''TSE'' Standart of Quality for the first time.

1988 - Başak Gıda reorganized to be as a joint venture company in 1988 .

1969-1997 - The following production lines has been started for production; Sugar powder, starches, baking powder, vanillin sugar, cocoa and hot drink powder with salep, During these years 5 main depots, located in Aksehir, Istanbul, Izmir, Adana and Ankara are formed to orient local distribution network reaching all the country.

1997- A new modern, European standart building was constructed for production. Same year BAŞAK Gıda, exhibited his products at Anuga Food Fair in Köln as an initial step to be a global actor of the sector.

1998 - New products like whipped topping and pudding are launched..

Apart from the local market, another company named Başak GmbH was established at Köln - Germany for export activities. Other than the over mentioned local products, new products have been introduced for the export markets. These products include all kinds of spices, pulses and dried nuts. From that time on, there has been a fast growing export activity reaching all European countries like England, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Holland, etc.

2000-New production lines are started for production; jellies, special Turkish desserts like rice pudding, almond pudding.. etc.

2001-Facing many crisis at our country, Başak Gıda has never stopped his objectives and investments. Başak Gıda during 2000-2001 crisis has proven how to act as a real strong company, never stopping his service and activities. During this crisis environment while many companies stoping their productions, Başak Gıda has launched cake-mixes as new products, according to the demands from supermarket chains like Carrefour-Sa, Tansaş...

2002- Ice cream, hot chocolate products are launched.

2003-Soups, spice mixes and coffee products are launched.

2004- ISO 9001 Certification is granted to Başak Gıda A.Ş. at the first inspection, due to be managed for years according to quality systems at whole stages of the business, beginning from the point of obtaining raw materials, ending to the customers' satisfaction.

At the same year, BAŞAK brand products began to reach USA and Japanese customers.

Catering product department is formed to reach the professional customers like hotels, restaurants...

Başak special Turkish Desserts has taken place at ''Turkish Products' Month'' named activities organized by El Corte Ingles Supermarket Chains which is one of the biggest Spanish retail market.

2005-Production of big sizes of all our products are started for catering industry.
At the same year spice products are introduced for the local market.

2006-Corn flour and mashed potato products are started for production

2007- Instant pudding with chocolate and banana flavours are introduced to the market.

2008-Revani,Profiterol and tiramisu products are launched.

Başak Gıda A.Ş. from 1969 up to day, has been developing step by step, as it will be tomorrow never loosing his customer oriented perspective.